The Digi-CA™System provides a full scale of services necessary for the management of X.509 certificates. An overview of these services is presented in the table below.

Digi-CA™ service overview
End Entity registration   Time-Stamping
Certificate issuance   Online Certificate Status Protocol
Certificate re-signing   Multi-CA system engine
Certificate renewal   Cross-Certification management
Certificate dissemination   CRL generation
Certificate revocation   CRL distribution and dissemination
Certificate suspension   Entity based multi-key management
Certificate de-suspension   Certificate Profile management
Certificate Expiration Notification   Certificate Enrolment Policy Management
Event logging and auditing service   Support for Hardware Cryptographic Module devices
Hierarchical CA operations   Support for Smart Cards and USB Tokens

In principle and in compliance with internationally recognised PKI standards, Digi-CA™offers the following core Certification Authority services:

As an addition, Digi-CA™offers the following supplementary services: