The Automated & Authenticated Certificate Delivery system

Initializing DSSA™ Activation on IIS

PDF With the DSSA™ installation on IIS completed, it is initialized and activated using the DSSA™ software interface to read further instructions on IIS configuration settings.

Initializing DSSA™ Activation on Apache

Installing DSSA™ on IIS

PDF Installing DSSA™ for IIS uses a familiar seven step Windows® wizard and the config.txt file can be modified directly using the wizard dialog rather than editing it manually using a text editor. The UID Key also appears in the wizard dialog and should not be tampered with.

Installing DSSA™ on Apache

PDF The specific installation instructions for each of the different versions of DSSA™ are supplied in the .zip file that is supplied in at the end of the Validations Download process.
Once configured, the DSSA™ installation on Apache uses simple command prompts, for example:

Change working directory:

Configuring DSSA™

PDF Once you have received all three files as a result of completing either the DSSA™ Validation Download or the DSSA™ Open Download you should now have three files. And these are further explained below:

DSSA™ Software

DSSA™ Open Download

PDF The AACD™ system is specifically designed so that the DSSA™ software component can be distributed freely and uninhibited on the internet without breach of copyright or legal restrictions. This means that you can distribute your copy of the DSSA™ software without any concerns in relation to security or royalty obligations.

The DSSA™ Zip Folder

PDF Once the three forms are completed, the DSSA™ software is downloaded to your PC in a .zip archive folder.


Open this .zip file and the following files will be visible:

Account Creation & Payment Options

Choose Server Category

PDF Under the heading ‘Server Category’, there are only two options to choose from:

Current SSL Vendor

PDF Under the heading ‘Current SSL Vendor’ you can select the current vendor of your SSLs from the list provided: