The Automated & Authenticated Certificate Delivery system

PDF Under the heading ‘Domain names that your SSL Certificates will use’ you simply enter the Fully Qualified Domain Names [FQDN] (e.g. domain.com) or IP Addresses (e.g. ( that currently have SSLs.

Digi-CA™ Installation & Operation

PDF Currently, there are two principal versions of the DSSA™ software:

AACD™ Does Not require…

PDF On the basis that there are some complicated and less secure systems and other free scripts available in the market you will discover the following combination of requirements:

Multi-Server with No Internet Connection

PDF Before downloading the DSSA™ software, the web server software (IIS, Apache, etc) is selected and standard contact and organisation details are entered in a web form. The DSSA™ is then downloaded with a Unique ID [UID] Key that is automatically embedded in the accompanying config.txt file (this can be modified, as required, by an experienced Administrator).

AACD™ Requirements

PDF There are two categories of server that use SSL Certificates and once your server(s) category is confirmed, then the requirements for implementing AACD™ are minimal. The two categories of server(s) are those that have:

The AACD™ System Logic

PDF The Project Vesuvius approach was to separate the Certificate Discovery component from the rest of the project and create a customized ‘search engine’ capable of spidering any network and returning any, and all, SSL information in list format. The first version of this was available by Q4, 2002.

Selecting AACD™

PDF The business case for automating the life cycle of the SSLs in your organization should be obvious. And in choosing to implement automation, it must be as secure as your current environment. So expedience must not compromise security.

AACD™ in Your Organization

SSL Certificate Statistics