The Complete ARP Network Program

Overview of the Digi-Sign ARP Network

As an official member of the Digi-Sign Affiliates, Resellers & Partners [ARP] Network, you will soon realise the considerable benefits membership of the network will bring to your organisation. Learn more about the ARP Network below:

1. What is the Digi-Sign ARP Network
1.1 Primary sales channel & excellent products   Digi-Sign’s primary sales channel is through the Affiliate, Reseller & Partner [ARP] Network and our systems and solutions are at the cutting edge of the Public Key Infrastructure [PKI] and Certificate Authority [CA] market
1.2 Integrated and/or resold   Our security and identity technology is widely adopted and is an integral component of many different software and infrastructure solutions. It can also be sold as ‘standalone’ security
1.3 Technology Partners, Resellers & Referrers   ARP technology partners integrate our systems into their solutions; ARP resellers compliment their existing suites of solutions using our security systems; and ARP affiliates refer their customers to us to provide specific identity, authentication and other customised security solutions
1.4 Two-way relationship   Wherever possible and in the interest of true partnership, we will also seek to integrate your system with ours. If this is not possible or impractical, we will look to resell or refer your systems and solutions to our customers and to other members of the ARP Network
2. The Benefits of ARP Membership
2.1 You are valued & your opinions respected   ARP Network membership has many unique benefits. Principally, your organisation is treated as a valued and respected member of our extended organisation
2.2 Contribute to pricing   This includes active participation in price setting and revenue share and opinions on market approach and solution design
2.3 Revenue share ‘secret’   The ‘secret’ and success of this powerful network will be shared with you when you apply to join the ARP Network
2.4 Your network. Use it your way   As stated, we will seek to have use the ARP Network to introduce members to new products, services and systems from other members. We will also encourage members to work together, even outside the ARP Network
3. How to Join the ARP Network
3.1 MNDA &Conference call   Join the ARP Network by signing the Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement [MNDA] prior to conducting a one-to-one conference call with our Director
3.2 Membership approved   Subject to the successful conclusion of this call, you will be made an official member of the ARP Network. You will then be invited to get your Digi-Access™ Certificate for logging into the ARP Extranet
3.3 Begin selling immediately   After being granted membership of the ARP Network and once you have access to the ARP extranet, you can effectively begin selling immediately
4. Why You Should Sell Digi-Sign Systems & Solutions
4.1 More flexible & scalable   Digi-Sign systems and solutions are currently the most flexible and scalable in the market
4.2 Easier to install & maintain   Our offerings are easier to integrate, configure, activate, maintain and administer
4.3 Best revenue share   Our unique revenue share secret will ensure that we help you maximise your ‘bottom line’
5. Selling Guidelines & Selling Options
5.1 User Number
Order Value
  In most instances, the revenue generated is based on the number of users that require digital certificates or digital signatures. The more users in your customer’s organisation, the higher the revenue you earn
5.2 Recurring revenue   All digital certificates and digital signatures are sold on an annually renewable basis
5.3 Total outsource value ‘Add-on’   Above 1,000 users, you can sell the additional Total Trust Management™ [TTM™] service where Digi-Sign will manage the entire environment for your customers
6. Using the Online Demonstrations
6.1 Excellent sales tools   Wherever possible, a live and interactive demonstration of the specific solution will be made available to you. These are excellent tools that will assist you in the sales process
6.2 When used properly   All demonstration screens and supporting documentation are designed to ensure you use them properly. So always refer to the online help and/or supporting documents before using them
6.3 Tidy up afterwards   In some instances, you will generate demo’ certificates that should be removed from your computer after the demonstration. It is good practice to do this every time you complete one
7. Ordering Instructions
7.1 Simple online ordering   Every ARP member is provided with Digi-Access™ two factor authenticated access to their a unique ordering system
7.2 Complete orders with due care   When placing any order for your customer, every field on the order form has a help button to ensure you complete the order correctly. Ensure you follow these instructions carefully
7.3 Order delays   For security reasons, before any Digi-Sign system can be delivered, the customer’s details must be validated and verified. Incorrectly entered details will result in orders being delayed, postponed indefinitely, or even cancelled
8. How a typical Digi-Sign System is Provisioned
8.1 Configured by us   After a successfully completed order is validated and verified, Digi-Sign Production will issue, configure and deploy the system
8.2 You are notified   Using your predefined reseller email address, the Administrator of the system and the reseller email address will receive an email notification of the system’s activation
8.3 Checked by you   It is your responsibility to check that the system Administrator is satisfied that the system is active, that they can access it and that they understand how to operate the system
9. Customer Setup Instructions
9.1 Read customer user guides too   In addition to ARP Network guidelines, instructions and help files, there are also User Guides for your customers. To help complete your knowledge, you should review these too
9.2 Customer configuration   In many instances, the customer will need to configure some application, server or other settings at their location. You must clearly instruct them what they must do and/or assist them
9.3 Help & files from website   Wherever possible, help files, configuration instructions, code and other configuration tools will be made available from the official Digi-Sign support website: Always check for these before escalating your enquiry up through the channel
10. Terms & Conditions of Supply
10.1 Apply to all sales   The conditions of the ARP Agreement contract apply to all sales, however provided, to all customers and end users
10.2 Rules to read   In agreeing to the conditions of the ARP Agreement contract you should also understand the ARP membership rules
11. Invoicing & Payments
11.1 Electronic invoices & reminders   Digi-Sign does not operate a manual debtors reminder service. Invoices are issued electronically by email. Reminder emails are sent periodically to advise you of outstanding accounts
11.2 Paid on time   Payment of all outstanding amounts on, or before, their due date, as clearly marked on every invoice, is required
11.3 Or service disconnected   Failure to pay outstanding amounts owing on invoices, on or before their due date may result in service to your customers being disconnected and/or discontinued without warning
12. How to Get Support
12.1 Website   Your first source for support, help and assistance should always be the official Digi-Sign website:
12.2 Distributor   If you purchase Digi-Sign systems and services from a distributor and cannot find a solution to your issue, then contact your distributor
12.3 Digi-Sign   Digi-Sign's secondary support channel, after the website, is the ARP Network and support will be supplied through this channel only