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A root certificate is a specific area within a digital certificate which is created whenever you generate a new digital certificate. In order to create the root you have to use a certificate authority system. You have several options for gaining access to your own CA system including using a managed service. A managed service is hosted outside of your company and provided by a third party, like us. For several businesses this type of solution can be cost effective for operating their own CA system.

A Root Certificate Authenticates Against the CA System Which Created It

You can electronically sign documents, files, forms and other data types when you use a qualified e signature. A qualified signature is a digital signature which functions the same except it is also recognized to meet EU regulations for legally binding signatures. This kind of solution is ideal for businesses and organizations operating on a global scale to ensure all of their electronically signed data is able to be used anywhere in the United States as well as the European Union.

Convert an E Signature into a Qualified Digital Signature by Using a Certificate Authority System

Public key cryptography is a special type of data format used to secure electronic data sent over public networks including the internet. This kind of format may use electronic digital certificates as well as SSL certificates in order to establish a secure connection. There are slight differences in how a digital certificate and a SSL certificate perform, but both provide a safe and secure option for transmitting sensitive data over a public electronic connection.

You Have Options for Storing Certificates Used for Public Key Cryptography

You have the ability to control certain types of information which is loaded into a PKI certificate whenever a new one is created. For instance, you can set an expiration date in the certificate when it will be publically shared and contain a public key. One reason you may want to set an expiration date is any time you are working with a vendor and only need the certificate for a short period of time. Once you complete your business transaction there is no reason for them to still have a valid certificate.

A PKI Certificate Contains Either a Public or Private Key

A certification authority system has to be recognized and trusted in order for the digital certificates to function correctly. When evaluating different CA systems for use for your business you need to verify the certificates being generated meet these requirements. If you were to issue certificates that were not trusted or recognized, users would receive error messages and warnings every time they used the certificates to gain access to resources.

Organizations for years have heard the saying to go green and to do their part for the environment. There are a variety of different ways in which a company can help cut down on the natural resources they use for their day to day business operations. One viable solution is to cut down a paper and ink usage by using a digital signature solution. This type of solution allows a company to conduct business and complete important transactions electronically, all without the use of paper.

A Digital Signature Is a Secure Electronic Method for Signing Financial Documents

An RSA token is a specific type of digital certificate used to access corporate resources, such as your network, intranet, extranet, internet, and cloud computing environments. The token is often contained on an external device like a USB flash drive or installed into a microchip which is embedded into an employee’s ID card. In order to authenticate with specific systems the user has to provide the right digi-token when prompted.

Different Reasons Companies Will Use an RSA Token

Two factor authentication (2FA) is sometimes confused with other electronic security measures used by companies. For instance, a user is asked to enter challenge questions when they access the resource for the first time. This kind of security system is not 2FA. While challenge questions do help improve security, anyone who knows the answers to the questions can gain access to the resource. Rather 2FA is a type of authentication method which requires users to supply something they have with something they know, like their user name and password.

In order to generate digital certificates and create digital signatures you have to use a certificate authority (CA) system. There are several different options available to companies desiring to have the ability to create their own certificates. They could purchase their own system to use in-house, use a CA as a managed service or use a shared CA solution.

All Certificate Authority System Solutions Provide Similar Functions

The difference between other virtual private networks (VPNs) and a UK VPN has to do with the resources and data a user is able to access. The United Kingdom has specific rules and regulations for accessing data from outside of the UK. Without this special type of VPN connection, employees of UK companies would have limited access. The UK virtual private network connection functions to simulate a connection that makes is appear as though the user is connecting to resources just like they were actually within the United Kingdom.

Two Factor Authentication Is Used to Secure a UK VPN