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User Security for Online Banking & Finance

It is no longer considered 'best practice' to permit customers to access their on-line bank account, financial statements or insurance information with only a username and a password. Increasingly, Know Your Customer [KYC] regulations are asking that a 'second layer' of protection, called 'two factor authentication', is implemented.

Digi-Access™ Strong Authentication


Digi-Access™ Two Factor Authentication


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Two factor authentication is something that the customer own/posses (e.g. a Digi-Access™ certificate) combined with something that they know (i.e. the username and password). And this is the preferred security option to strengthen user access, improve customer care and meet compliance requirements.

Two Factor Authentication Demos'
Benefits of Digi-Access™ Finance
Simple Setup & Activation

As there are only three steps, a basic setup of Digi-Access™ should be possible in less than a few hours. The three simple steps are:

1. If required, change the location of the Login page
2. Configure the server to use Digi-Access™ certificates for two factor authentication    
2.5 Customise the IIS error pages (IIS Only)
3. Invite users to get their Digi-Access™ Certificate and approve successful applicants
Extensive Compatibility

Digi-Access™ is compatible with 27 different servers, so adding the second layer of security does not require any re-programming of your existing environment. It literally 'sits in front' of your current on-line banking or finance system.

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