SSL Server Certificates

Digi-SSL™ & AACD™
Digi-SSL™ is the commercial SSL Certificate of choice for many of the world's largest corporations and organisations.   Digi-SSL™ is the  more convenient and easy way to get your high security SSL. That's because the Digi-SSL™ Team do the validations work for you.

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Choosing your Digi-SSL™
Digi-SSL™ provides you with two functions:
  • Website authentication
  • Data encryption

...see the different types of Digi-SSL™

Every application for any class of Digi-SSL™ is subjected to the Triple-Check Validations procedure. This means that two or more Validations Officers physically check your details and entitlement to get the Digi-SSL™ before it is issued to you. This rigorous checking procedure protects you from someone else stealing your on line identity because the Digi-Sign Triple-Check Validations has a 100% track record of never issuing a Digital Certificate to the wrong party. Once this Digi-SSL™ is put on your website, visitors know your site is genuine.
Get your SSL Delivery System
If you are responsible for issuing and managing the SSLs within your organization and you use 5 or more each year, then Digi-SSL™ Service will make your life much easier.

Digi-CA™ is the core Certificate Authority [CA] system that is used to issue SSL (and other Digital Certificates) 'on demand', when you need them.

Advice & On Line Buying Options
Multiple Digi-SSL™ Certificates are issued and managed by the Digi-CA™ Service from outside your organisation. If you require 10-20,000 SSLs per annum you may want to consider the installed software (Digi-CA™ Server) system, depending on your requirements.
Updating, Upgrading & Migrating
If you are considering upgrading, migrating or updating to Digi-SSL™ Service and need a clearer understanding Read more

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