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PKI/CA Systems & Related Services

  • Digi-CA™ Certificate Authority

    This complete PKI / CA system is suitable for any size organisation and with its unique flexibility it can adapt to almost any environment. Your Digi-CA™ can be delivered in three unique ways: as a Managed CA service; as installed CA Software; or as a Dedicated / Hosted CA system. Read more >
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  • Digi-CA™ Service Managed CA

    Digi-CA™ Service
    This Managed Certificate Authority is suitable for almost any conceivable commercial environment As a service offering, implementing Digi-CA™ Service is simple, fast and efficient. Digi-CA™ Service can be used to issue and manage all your digital certificates, Digi-Access™, Digi-ID™, etc. Read more >
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  • Digi-CA™ Server Software CA

    Digi-CA™ Server
    This Certificate Authority is installed software. When ownership of the CA assets are mandated by the organisation, this is the best option. Large organisations, or local government and national infrastructure projects, ARP Network members and special projects are common uses of this CA system. Read more >
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  • TSA - Timestamping Authority

    TSA -
    The Digi-CA™ system offers additional services and the Timestamping Authority can be offered as part of a complete installation inside your organisation, or as a stand alone service. It provides the timestamp tokens that are needed to authenticate events and digital transactions. Read more >
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  • OCSP - Instant CRL System

    OCSP -
    The Online Certificate Status Protocol OCSP is an instant update to the Certificate Revocation List [CRL]. It is used for high security / value transaction situations where instant revocation is required. Transponder type service and offered as part of the Digi-CA™ system or standalone. Read more >
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  • Digi-CA™ Key Management System

    The Cryptomathic Key Management System can manage thousands of keys with ease. Using client architecture, the KMS consolidates and simplifies key life-cycle management with ease. When combined with Digi-CA™, this offers a complete key server management system. Read more >
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Two Factor Authentication Systems

  • Digi-Access™ Strong Authentication

    Digi-Access™ offers the best two factor, strong authentication required by web-based systems. Password login security is strengthened by adding a second, critical layer of security. No hardware or software required. Configuration is simple. Deployment and management are easy. Read more >
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  • Digi-Access™ Cloud Authentication

    Digi-Access™ Cloud
    Digi-Access™ Cloud two factor authentication is the industry solution for securing on-demand computing. Digi-Access™ Cloud adds a second layer of security to username and password access and provides the much needed, stronger authentication required by cloud computing. Read more >
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  • Digi-Access™ Mobile Authentication

    Digi-Access™ Mobile
    Digi-Access™ Mobile two factor authentication is specifically designed for mobile phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones and smart phones. Adding a second layer of security to the password login to mobile devices with Digi-Access™ helps in hardening mobile user authentication. Read more >
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  • Digi-Access™ Web Authentication

    Digi-Access™ Web
    Digi-Access™ Web two factor authentication is specifically designed to meet the security requirements of any hosted application where access is via a browser. Adding a second layer of security to the password login with Digi-Access™ helps in hardening user authentication. Read more >
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  • Digi-Access™ VPN Authentication

    Digi-Access™ VPN
    Digi-Access™ VPN is two factor authentication for Virtual Private Network [VPN] solutions. Designed specifically for modern web-based VPN solutions, Digi-Access™ VPN adds the second layer of protection you need for secure access and 'military grade' strong authentication to your VPN. Read more >
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  • Digi-Access™ Extranet Security

    Digi-Access™ Extranet
    Digi-Access™ Extranet is two factor authentication for the 'public access' corporate network. Web mail, SharePoint®, CRM, ERP, Oracle®, SAP® and countless systems can be secured by adding the second layer of security offered by Digi-Access™. Simple to implement and to use. Read more >
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  • Digi-Access™ SaaS Authentication

    Digi-Access™ SaaS
    Digi-Access™ SaaS two factor authentication is available for integration with any vendor's Software-as-a-Service offering. Adding a second layer of security to the password login with Digi-Access™ helps in hardening user authentication and in protecting revenue too. Read more >
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  • Digi-Access™ for Secure Finance

    Digi-Access™ Finance is two factor authentication specifically for the online banking and financial services sector. It provides the security demanded by customers and regulators alike. Simple implementation and it does not interfere, in any way at all, with your existing application. Read more >
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  • Digi-Access™ VoIP Authentication

    Digi-Access™ VoIP
    Digi-Access™ VoIP is two factor authentication for Voice over IP telephony. All handsets authenticate to the PBX using Digi-Access™ VoIP in order to prevent unauthorised use of your phone system. Valuable security in combating commonplace attacks and PBX hacking. Read more >
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  • Cell-OTP™ Cell One-Time-Password

    Cell-OTP™ is the smart solution for one-time-passwords using your cell phone. Cell-OTP™ does not send passwords by SMS. It is installed on your cell phone like a game or a ring tone. It completely replaces your existing token, at a fraction of the cost, and lost/damaged tokens are 'history'. Read more >
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Digital Signature Solutions

  • Digi-ID™ Digital Signatures

    Digital signatures & EU Qualified signatures, make it possible for a person to digitally sign any transaction, file, form or document. The Digi-ID™ makes it easy to sign PDFs, workflow forms and many other electronic documents, forms and other file formats. Read more >
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  • Digi-ID™ Xe Qualified Signatures

    Digi-ID™ Xe
    EU Qualified digital signatures are required for legally binding, transaction signing in accordance with the 1999/93/EC directive. The Digi-ID™ qualified signature can be used to sign PDFs, workflow forms and many other official documents, files and electronic forms. Read more >
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  • Roaming - Cryptomathic Signer

    Roaming -
    The Cryptomathic Signer is a patented method of offering secure signature services to the business community. Centralised key storage ensures the user retains complete control over their private keys using two factor authentication. Combined with Digi-ID™, this is a true 'roaming' signature solution. Read more >
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Specialist Consulting Services

  • Digi-CAST™ - Consulting Services

    Digi-CAST™ -
    The C-A-S-T methods were pioneered by Digi-Sign after many years of developing, deploying and managing CAs around the world. Digi-CAST™ provides practical advice, service excellence, planning and ensures compliance with international standards like WebTrust, ISO, etc. Read more >
  • TTM™ - Total Trust Management™

    TTM™ -
    We pioneered Total Trust Management™ [TTM™] in 2004 and have been offering this valuable service to our customers ever since. With TTM™ we act as your administrator on your Digi-CA™ system. Very popular with new customers and busy IT Departments. Read more >
  • Trusted CA - Root Signing Service

    Trusted CA -
    Root Signing Service is available to WebTrust certified organisations. WebTrust certification is like any process, it is simply a case of having experienced personnel involved. Digi-CAST™ provides the people and the methodology you need. Then you can own your Trusted Root CA. Read more >
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Specialist Industry Services

  • GDC - Identity & Age Verification

    GDC -
    Global Data Company, [GDC] Identity & Age Verification [IDV] is the perfect solution for ensuring compliance to 'Know Your Customer' [KYC] and important identity directives. It integrates easily with Digi-CA™ for a total identity verification and authentication solution. Read more >
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  • Digi-Sign - Cryptomathic MRTD

    Digi-Sign -
    The Cryptomathic ICAO MRTD, Machine Readable Travel Document system is for e-Passport and national ID cards. In addition to ICAO/MRTD production, this solution can also offer card and document verification. When dombined with Digi-CA™, this offers a complete border control system. Read more >
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  • Digi-CA™ WPKI Wireless PKI

    Digi-CA™ WPKI
    Complete Wireless PKI / WPKI system suitable for GSM operators and / or service providers requiring mobile authentication or mobile phone digital signatures. Using Digi-CA™, the wireless component is provided in two parts: Read more >
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  • Gaming - Identity & Compliance

    Gaming -
    By combining Identity & Age Verification [IDV] with Digi-ID™ digital signatures, a total solution that complies with all the current gaming legislation is possible. Furthermore, Digi-Access™ can also be added for two factor authentication of users. Prices are a guideline only. Read more >
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PDF signing, e-Invoice & S/MIME

  • Digi-Seal™ Desktop PDF Signer

    Digi-Seal™ Desktop
    If you already have a Digi-ID™, Digi-Seal™ DeskTop can sign any PDF document with a single mouse click. It works with Digi-ID™ standard and also with the EU qualified digital signature. You should consider purchasing a Digi-Seal™ & Digi-ID™ discounted 'bundle'. Read more >
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  • Digi-Seal™ Server Signatures

    Digi-Seal™ Server
    Digi-Seal™ Server is for organisations that want to own a signing server for web applications. It is used for large web form processing and each user must own a Digi-ID™ signature to sign their files, forms and upload submissions. Popular amongst ARP members & government Read more >
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  • Digi-Seal™ Service PDF Signer

    Digi-Seal™ Service
    Digi-Seal™ Service can be used to sign any PDF document, wherever you are. Simple signature server API calls enable instant and easy signing inside any workflow or document system. Designed to work with any Digi-ID™. Read more >
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  • Digi-Bill™ Electronic Invoicing

    The Digi-Bill™ e-Invoice is compliant electronic invoicing in accordance with all major regulatory requirements. Suitable for any organisation seeking to substantially reduce the large cost of paper based invoicing. e-Invoice is for efficient finance departments and for accounts receivable. Read more >
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  • Digi-Mail™ Secure Email

    Securing your email involves not only the ability to encrypt its contents at will, but also the ability to be sure that the sender of the email is genuine. With Digi-Mail™ these issues are solved with ease. Using Digi-Mail™ Service, endless users can be managed centrally. Read more >
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HSM, Smart Cards & USB Tokens

  • Digi-Token™ Approved USB Tokens

    A Digi-Token™ is any cryptographic USB token that has been tested for ease of use and works effortlessly with any Digi-Sign certificate. It is an official process where the USB token, or token management system, is tested and demonstrated to work seamlessly with our CA/ PKI technology. Read more >
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  • Digi-Card™ Approved Smart Cards

    A Digi-Card™ is any smart card that has been tested and works easily with Digi-CA™ or any Digi-Sign certificate. It is an official process whereby a certain card, or Card Management System [CMS], is tested and is shown to work seamlessly with our PKI and/or CA technology. Read more >
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  • HSM - Hardware Security Module

    HSM -
    Most Digi-CA™ Server systems use a Hardware Security Module [HSM] in order to comply with various standards for security. Digi-CA™ can work with any HSM, but these have all been extensively tested and are the preferred HSMs, recommended for use with Digi-CA™ systems. Read more >
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SSL Server & Code Sign Certificates

  • Digi-SSL™ Online Ordering

    With free replacement and great telephone support, ordering your Digi-SSL™ certificate is simple, fast and cost effective. Order single certificates online, or if you want to migrate and/or manage all your SSL certificates, thenDigi-SSL™ Service is easily the best choice. Read more >
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  • Digi-SSL™ Managed SSL Service

    'Become your own CA'. Issue your own SSL certificates, whenever you need them, using the industry recognised Digi-SSL™ certificate system. Countless organisations and ARP Members issue many 1,000's of SSLs using this powerful SSL Management system. Read more >
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  • Digi-Code™ Software Signing

    Digi-Code™ software signing certificates are for developers that need their software, applets and macros, to be trusted. A single certificate can be used to sign as many files and macros as you like. Digi-Code™ gets rid of those confusing error messages you see. Read more >
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